The Project Team of 2018

Group picture in Würzburg

The 20-member project team consists of five people per university (one professor, one scientific assistant, three students).

University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS):

  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Roßkopf (project head; professor of social law and migration law)
  • Lisa Ziegler (project assistant; master’s degree in International Social Work)
  • Deiliany Lazara de Souza (master’s student of International Social Work)
  • Florian Blauth (master’s student of International Social Work)
  • Stefanie Witter (master’s student of International Social Work)

German Jordanian University (GJU):

  • Prof. Dr. Sahar Al-Makhamreh (project manager at GJU; professor of social work)
  • Farah Al Hamouri (project assistant at GJU; master’s student of social work)
  • Anas Yahar Omar Ibrahim (master’s student of social work)
  • Bayan Munther Arafat Zaitoun (master’s student of social work)
  • Mhd Basel Shammout (master’s student of social work)
  • Mhd Adib Ghazi (master's student of social work)
  • Safaa Sallam (master's student of spacial planning)

Yarmouk University (YU):

  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Ayat Nashwan (project manager at YU; professor of sociology and social work)
  • Roaa Omar Taleb (project assistant at YU; master’s student of sociology)
  • Ghufran Ajawi (bachelor’s student of sociology)
  • Majedah Al-Smade (bachelor’s student of sociology)
  • Sondos Quraan (bachelor’s student of sociology)

Lebanese University (LU):

  • Prof. Dr. Rania Mansour (project manager at LU; professor of social work)
  • Aimée Ghanem (project assistant at LU; master’s degree in social work)
  • Genevieve Youssef (master’s student of social work)
  • Mira Mkanna (master’s student of psychology)
  • Taghrid Abdallah (master’s student of social work)
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