Project Results 2018


As part of their master's thesis or project work, the students worked on sub-topics of the project theme "Humanitarian Access: Pathways for Refugees from Transit to Safe Havens". The research deals with the impact of refugee movements and current migration policies.


Extraterritorial Asylum Processing, Family Reunification, Resettlement:

"Extraterritorial Asylum Processing by EU Members States: Legal and Social Perspectives"

Presentation by Deiliany de Souza (FHWS)

Paper by Deiliany de Souza (FHWS)

"The Role of Social Work within the Resettlement Process in Pre-departure and Post-arrival Services"

Presentation by Stefanie Witter (FHWS)

Paper by Stefanie Witter (FHWS)

"The Impact of the Transit Period on Syrian Refugees and the Role of Social Workers: The Case of Syrian Refugees Seeking Family Reunification from Lebanon to Germany"

Presentation by Aimée Ghanem and Mira Mkanna (Lebanese University)

Paper by Aimée Ghanem and Mira Mkanna (Lebanese University)


Decision-making processes of refugees and (social) impact of refugee movements on education, health, child protection:

"Supporting Decision-making Processes of Syrian Refugees: Empirical Research on Expectations and Prospects ‘On the Move’"

Presentation by Florian Blauth (FHWS)

Paper by Florian Blauth (FHWS)

"The Impact of Displacement on Gender Roles: Syrian Refugee Women in Jordan"

Presentation by Bayan Zaitoun (GJU)

"The Impact of Internationally Funded Rehabilitation Projects on the Jordanian Public Schools Environment after the Syrian Crisis"

Presentation by Safa' Khader Sallam (GJU)

"The Needs of Unaccompanied Minors in Jordan: The Social Work Perspective"

Presentation by Farah Al Hamouri (GJU)

"Family Structure and Its Impact on Child Labour: The Case of Syrian Refugees with Single Head Households at Urban Areas in Jordan"

Paper by Anas Ibrahim (GJU)

"Social Worker’s Services in the Field of Child Maltreatment Prevention at Urban Areas in Jordan"

Presentation by MHD Adib Ghazi (GJU)

Paper by MHD Adib Ghazi (GJU)

"Syrian Civil War"

Presentation by Roaa Taleb (Yarmouk University)

"Barriers for Education among Syrian Refugee Girls"

Presentation by Majedah Smadi (Yarmouk University

"The Turnout of Syrian Refugee Women for Family Planning Methods in Zaatari Camp"

Presentation by Ghofran Ajawi (Yarmouk University)

"Medical Services for Syrian Refugees in Jordan"

Presentation by Sondos Qur'an (Yarmouk University)


Social Work Intervention with Refugee Children:

"Effective Social Intervention in Relation to Child Labor and their Wellbeing"

Presentation by Genevieve Youssef (Lebanese University)

Paper by Genevieve Youssef (Lebanese University)

"The Convenient Work with Syrian Refugee Children Who Experienced Incest in Lebanon"

Presentation by Taghrid Abdallah (Lebanese University)

Paper by Taghrid Abdallah (Lebanese University)

"The Influence of Displacement on Syrian Children with Cancer in Jordan: A Call for Advocacy"

Presentation by MHD Basel Shammout (GJU)

Paper by MHD Basel Shammout (GJU)