Project Results 2020


Explorative research project "Social Work in emergency situations in Lebanon"

Social Work adaptation in times of crises: Case study Lebanon (Hyam Kahi, Aimée Ghanem)

The research provides insights to social work interventions in Lebanon in times of crises; in specific documenting the experience from social work pioneers engaged in social work in Lebanon from the civil war until present (1975 - 2020) and from social workers who were actively engaged in emergency interventions after the Beirut Blast (August 4, 2020).

Research report by Hyam Kahi, Aimée Ghanem (Libanon)



Students' reasearch projects:


SDG 3: Healthy Lives and Well-being

Social Services provided to elderly Syrian refugees and the role of Social Workers - Case of Lebanon (Vanessa Fakhry)

Presentation by Vanessa Fakhry (LU)

Paper by Vanessa Fakhry (LU)

The Accessibility to Health Care Services for Syrian Refugees Women in Irbid (Enas Khatib)

Presentation by Enas Khatib (YU)

Paper by Enas Khatib (YU)


SDG 4: Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education

Bullying among Syrian students from the perspectives of the mothers (Sara Al Quraan)

Presentation by Sara Al Quraan (YU)

Paper by Sara Al Quraan (YU)

Self-Efficacy in Unaccompanied minors-An overview of Career Decision Making (Mitchelle Olang')

Presentation by Mitchelle Olang' (FHWS)

Paper by Mitchelle Olang' (FHWS)


SDG 5: Gender equality and Empowerment of all women and girls

Social work interventions with Syrian refugee women survivors of GBV in Lebanon – case managers’ challenges (Rania El Irani)

Presentation by Rania El Irani (LU)

Paper by Rania El Irani (LU)

The transferability of the gender- and cultural- sensitive project “HEROES – against oppression in the name of honor” to young male refugee care leavers in the German youth welfare system (Katja Köder)

Presentation by Katja Köder (FHWS)

Paper by Katja Köder (FHWS)

Gender equality: Is changing attitudes possible? (Shatha Mutahar)

Presentation by Shatha Mutahar (GJU)